New Survey on COVID-19’s Impact on Humanitarian Disarmament Work

Susi Snyder, PAX

COVID-19 has changed the way we work, but has it made our work better?  Is the reduction in travel helping or hurting the humanitarian disarmament community? Are we keeping up with our efforts to ensure diverse and meaningful inclusion in policy discussions? A new short survey seeks to get to the heart of these questions.

While our usual ways of working have been disrupted, as with any shake to the system, it’s also led to new opportunities. This survey is designed to help reveal how we’ve seized those opportunities, or how the imagined possibilities were, in fact, just in our imagination. Information is power, and this survey is an opportunity to spend a few minutes sharing your reflections on 2020 to help us to see ahead.

The survey was drafted by Susi Snyder of PAX based on conversations with Bonnie Docherty of Harvard Law School’s Armed Conflict and Civilian Protection Initiative, Camilo Serna and Natalia Morales Campillo of Campaña Colombiana Contra Minas, Jeff Abramson of the Forum on Arms Trade, Chris Loughran of The HALO Trust, and Alma Taslidžan Al-Osta of Humanity & Inclusion, and Erin Hunt of Mines Action Canada. 

The survey will be broadly disseminated through the humanitarian disarmament community, and the results will be gathered, assessed, and used to inform how the tools developed throughout the pandemic so far may be updated or revised or reissued to support the community at large. The findings will also illuminate lessons and guide the development of recommendations that can influence how disarmament diplomacy is conducted moving forward.  

You may fill out the survey in English, French, or Spanish.